Niklas Hauser

About me

I studied computer science at the RWTH Aachen University with a focus on Human Computer Interaction and Wireless Sensor Networks.

During this time I worked as a student assistent at The Media Computing Group in the area of deeply embedded electronics and helped the Institute of Transport Science rebuild their railway signalling lab. I also helped build and program autonomous robots for the Eurobot competition as a member of the RoboterClub Aachen e.V..

During my 2+ years at Arm, I worked as an embedded software engineer on mbed OS core and HAL, as well as uVisor, a device security layer for Cortex-M microcontrollers, and the arm-none-eabi-gcc toolchain. I have expert knowledge on and experience with all M-profile architectures (v6-M, v7-M and v8-M).

I'm currently back at university studying and working (again) on the VIA railway signalling lab.

I love all kinds of engineering and technology, especially aviation and robotics. Make my day by talking about your area of speciality!


I maintain a C++14 barebone embedded library generator called modm which can generate custom HALs for almost 1000 different AVRs and Cortex-M targets.

My other projects are hosted on GitHub too.


At emBO++17 I talked about the next generation of xpcc called modm: a toolbox to generate microcontroller HALs.

At emBO++18 I held a lightning talk on ARMv8-M and TrustZone-M.


You can reach me via electronic mail at
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